8 March 2010





Thanks to Emma of Fashion Wonderland, I now have my first blog award.

The recipient must list ten things that make them happy, and then pass the award onto ten other award-worthy blogs. Here goes...

1. Sparkly things
2. Dancing for 7 hours straight in ludicrous shoes
3. Stepping off the train at King's Cross
4. Galaxy cookie crumble bars
5. Finally finding the time to sit down and read my monthly stack of magazines
6. Fat, furry, pointless animals
7. A good cup of Earl grey
8. A tasty smelling boy
9. The long and chaotic afterparty of room-hopping and giggling reflection after a good night out
9. Finding a kindred spirit in a book
10. Playing dress-up

...and my top ten award-winning blogs of now...


Fashion By He said...

thank you so much for the award! this is awesome!! love your blog


jill said...

That is such a wonderful award + your answers are perfect! So honoured, truly, that you chose me, Imogen. I don't know if I can write anywhere near as well, and I suppose stealing all your 10 is not allowed?

Will have to sleep on it.. actually, that's a good start: a good night's sleep when I'm really really tired ; )

You're such a delight: a whirlwind breath of fresh air and a true original. jCx

jill said...

p.s. esp. like number 6. and 8!

Natalie Hughes said...

Awww! Thank you, my dear! I'm chuffed. Nx

Natalie Hughes said...

P.s. Tasty smelling boys = YES.

FASH ON said...

Thank you so much! I am completely flattered as I love your blog too! I feel so honored being number 1 ;)



FASH ON said...

PS. I mentioned your post on my FASH ON facebook... I will do a post on my blog as well.



Rose said...

love those shoes

Scarlett Rose said...

aww thats so lovely. You are one of my favorite bloggers so very honored indeed.
I will have a think too!


lover. said...

i LOVE finding the opportunity to sit down and just pour over magazines after a hectic month, it's pure bliss! xx

Bird said...

stepping off the train at kings cross is AMAZING!
well done on your blog award! its great.

Ellen Burney said...

oh hi! thank you ... I almost love lists too much to even contemplate being able to compile this one ... x

Tijger Melk said...

LOVES my inclusion! Thanks!
I love your blog, too. And I fucking LOVE a cup of earl grey with honey. God!

jill said...

oh btw: Remember you were trying to figure out who was the girl with the red hair? (did I dream that? was that you?) well from time to time I get these strange Anonymous comments - it's like God Himself speaking - today this came in for that post:

The girl with red hair is called Pandora Lennard. She is Assistant Fashion Editor at Tank

spooky, huh?

still working on my 10.. not dropping the ball, just slacking off. & I mentioned you (& linked) in my 'camel back' post xx

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