20 December 2009





Profuse apologies for being M.I.A., I just got back from skiing in Val D'Isere which was très coûteux, très fabuleux et très salissant. I also had the chance to stock up on french mags, including l'Officiel because I was convinced I spied Dree on the cover. Turns out, she is i fact Vahina Giocante, an up and coming French actress, but the likeness is uncanny. Her eyebrows are simply amazing.


HARLS said...

Hello lovely, welcome back to lavely England/Scotland. Are you going to be down in London at all anytime over the holidays?
Also...have been meaning to ask, my camera is about to say its last goodbyes so I will be needing a new one and am a bit out of touch at what general snapshot cameras are like these days. What do you use? Any suggestions? X

Faridah said...

I love the cover. I could have sworn it was Dree as well. I love Dree, she's such a stunner. I think I will have to be seeing more of this girl. Her eyebrows are incredible, indeed!

Clara said...

wow! my gosh!
amazing pics!!

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