9 November 2010

\\\ AUDREY ///






Scans my own from Audrey Hepburn Taschen//Audrey Hepburn by Sean Hepburn Ferrer books

I'm home in Edinburgh for one week on a self-medicated sabbatical from uni. I've had flu for most of the time, the rest I've been trying to punch out an essay on Moby Dick, so nothing too enjoyable. But today I'm heading into Edinburgh city library to work, which means ideal proximity to Armstrong's Vintage Emporium and a few other choice venues to browse for oddities in the Grassmarket. My lunchbreak treat. Last time I popped in I picked up a replica of Audrey's Givenchy Breakfast at Tiffany's gown, so my hopes are high.


KcomeKarolina said...

love love love her!
i just bumped into your blog! love it!

xoxo from rome

Bird said...

The thing about Audrey - is that she was actually so unique and quirky and an absolute character as well as being so beautiful.
Why did people ruin her by putting her face on a pink background and plastering it on cheap canvases sold online?
Tiffanys to Tacky.
We need to embrace the vintage Audrey!
Watch two for the road it will change your life.

Coco said...

Looove Audrey, she was perfection! Audrey + Hubert de Givenchy was just sheer brilliance.

Jazzabelle said...

i just adore audrey hepburn, she was the most beautiful thing! her simplicity in the way she dressed really inspires me, black is also my colour of choice. have you seen roman holiday and funny face? they are up there at the top for me, alongsize breakfast at tiffany's. i would just love to see the dress you picked up. jazzabelle. x

Material Attention said...

she is a classic love her and love your blog.
following you now, hope you'll do the same.


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