5 November 2010

\\\ BEDROOM ///





A Selby-style self portrait of my university life in Leeds. Yes, I know there are shoes on my bookshelves, but some pretty hefty books too!


Katie Walters said...

Love how you keep your shoes!
Great display, cute cute :)

The Nyanzi Report said...

can i just say that the way you care for your for shoes deserves a peerage.

Jazzabelle said...

thank-you for your lovely comment! i actually saw you on a number of occasions at london fashion week, you looked lovely. your bedroom is amazing, i adore the way you have displayed your shoes!

love, jazzabelle. xx

Audrey Leighton said...

loveee it! all of it!
miss you roy x

Laura. said...

love your room. it has personality to say its a student room!!


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