18 December 2010




After 10 years at the helm of Paris Vogue, sharp-boned Carine Roitfeld has announced she will step down from her position as editor at the end of January. The smoky-eyed, husky-voiced French styliste extraordinaire has changed the magazine's fortunes forever; with her dynamism and highly artistic approach to fashion, she imagined a vision that was more extreme, more sexually charged, and more often than not, more controversial than anyone else. Considering that the latest Vogue Paris issue was a platform for the idolatry of Tom Ford, how likely is it that Carine's next move in the fashion industry might be to the House of Ford, or another one of her designer friends for whom she has often played muse? 

According to the New York Times, current Vogue Paris fashion director Emmanuelle Alt is rumoured to be stepping into Roitfeld's spike heeled shoes.


Cecylia said...

Ah Carine is amazing, but I actually prefer Em Alt =P

This is a bit of a side thing..but I met Anna Wintour in Milan recently


Make Do Style said...

I'm quite glad she is going she was peddling the same wares so to speak!

I'm only attempting to read Proust in English - why does everyone love it so much! I'm sure it is much better in French. xx

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