7 December 2010

Oh So 90s...




Black mesh, body-con, sheer fabrics, over-the-knee socks, pastel coloured hair, bold lipsticks; these are some of my favourite 90s style notes of the moment.

Born in 1990, I certainly wasn't sophisticated to enjoy them the first time round, favouring the leggings, baggy t-shirt and flashing trainers combo for the first decade of my life, although I was fairly on-trend with the high ponytail (see above left).

I sometimes wonder what the defining 'trends' of the noughties will be? What will be the ones we'll channel for costume parties of the future? It's a curious question, when I find the last decade seemed to be predominantly about reviving past influences from all across the 20th century, but I suppose everything looks different in hindsight.


Coco said...

Kate Moss+Johnny Depp was the best thing that happened in the 90's! xx

lula said...

Good question!
lovin' the pictures

Vagabondiana said...

Sadly, UGGS and Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and diamante studded t-shirts.


Katie said...

I miss Sassy! Lol..

dani said...

kate moss is definitely my highlight of the 90's!

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