28 November 2009

Help, I'm Alive



This week's mission: Find myself some striped tights. Oh and do that literature essay. And French coursework. And plan friday's 600+ guest party. Blimey.


jessica said...

my heart keeps beating like a hammer

a 600+ people party !? FUCK I WANNA GO !
thats so cool .
goo luck with the planning !

Walk The Sand said...

Topshop do them.


aniko said...

What a busy week ;))
Go on!!!

gem fatale said...

I was about to say Topshop do them, but someone else got the before me :)
I have a pair, and it's strange, they seem to have a strange effect on men? I never ever get heckled by 'blokes' on the street but when I have these on, it seems to make them need to shout 'oi oi dahhhlin' etc! So random?! They aren't even particularly sexy! Weird.
They look fab though so definitely get some! Just beware of males!

TheShimen said...

ahh was also just about to say those are deff from topshop, but im defff not the first one. love them!

CoocooforCoco said...

I concur, striped tights will now be a necessity

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