4 November 2009

The Girl on a Motorcycle

Leeds is killing me! I'm knackered!
So going home for 5 days of self-imposed exile and R&R.
No Absente, No cigarettes.
Just films, fairylights and lots of earl grey tea in an old chipped mug.
A film in particular I've been wanting to dig out for a while is the very much underrated Girl on a Motorcycle ,starring a very fresh, very sexy 20-year old Marianne Faithful frolicking down the Autobahn on a Harley in a leather jumpsuit.
Watch this film, and you'll understand what was going on in Mick Jagger's mind when he wrote You can't always get what you want...




Looking at this Kate Moss for Vogue Paris shoot from ------, you can't help but be damn sure that Marianne had something to do with it. I'm absolutely hopeless behind the wheel, but perhaps I could get a bike instead...?





kathryn-louisa said...

I know what you mean about needing some R&R, my life is so busy at the moment, I really need to just go home and chill out for a bit. Unlikely to happen as I'm going to Paris this weekend and it's my best friend's 21st the weekend after, the rest will just have to wait!

Love the pictures of Kate Moss, unlimited access to Vogue Paris is one of my favourite things about being in France.


aniko said...

I 've never heard of this film, but it looks very funny and determinig in its age... and the young Alain Delon, one of the most beautiful faces on earth ;)

Every Little Counts said...

isn't alain delon so sexy? i have been waiting and waiting for this film to release on netflix. it's been a must-see for way too long.

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