29 October 2009

Almost Famous

If Penny Lane was alive and kicking up her heels today, I'm convinced this is what she's be wearing...




photos Studded Hearts

PS: Can anyone tell me who this girl is, and where this shoot is from?


littletimes said...

love your blog , so cute !!

Jenny said...

I just noticed that Tom Binns necklace on the left of your blog - amazing!
Also, this shoot is amazing, I love the styling!
Happy halloween.

Taryn Andre said...

i love the first and second photo alot!

kathryn-louisa said...

Love your blog, so many wonderful photos.


young-shields said...

man, this shooot is paaarrrrrfait

claire x

kyra zoe said...

her name is amanda
she once had a blog
le wonderland
but she deleted it
she's my favourite girl ever

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