24 October 2009

She's got Flair


photo curiouser & curiouser

Just stumbled across the sheer genius that is this shot for Canadian mag Flair. When I have more time, ie. not any more bloody critical essays or 700 page books to read, my friend Jess and I are permanent-ly marking that headress-making session we pencilled in ages ago. I already have heaps of beading wire, black lace and feathers stockpiled, and This is guaranteed to be an inspiration. I will model them at a later date, fo sho, but I'm not guaranteeing any topless shots.


Jenny said...

These headbands are fantastic! I've been dying over the big head pieces out this fall, and these are just lovely.
Good luck with all your DIY projects! Hope to see how they turn out.

NADINE said...

ooo i loveeee this piccc!! <3

and great header btw!


{ A L I C E } said...

oh LV bunny ears, how you constantly make me smile.. xx

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