26 October 2009

Squat Rave in 1994


Chloe Sevigny covers an unpublished issue of Vice magazine in 1994, published this month to mark the 15th anniversary of the international bible of cool (that I had never heard of until today, which is a horrific testament to my international uncoolness obviously). Chloe is some unknown hipster about to debut in Kids, some guy called Terry Richardson has some shots in it, as well as an article about a new tech-trend called 'the internet.' It may not have the same historic importance to many of us (I was 4 years old when the editors accidentally let this slide into the wastepaper basket) as those 70s kids, but there is really nothing more exciting than digging up some nostalgia, whether you remember it or otherwise!

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tobaccoandleather said...

haha thanks, they would definitely beat my crayons from the pound shop!


Clelia said...

brilliant pics.


JESSICA said...

Actually the cover shot and Chloe's photoshoot is recreating her 1994 shoot. The whole idea of it being an undiscovered photoshoot was a ploy.

LolitaLoves said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LolitaLoves said...

unreal babe, this post is amazing! Where did you dig up these pics of a green-haired Laura Fraser? Did you know she's Alice Dellal's bbf? x

young-shields said...

i love this whole thing. vice is aweeeesommmmmme.

i'm linkin ya girfriend

claire y-s x

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