15 January 2010

Let's Lightning

I recreated the Aladdin Sane bolt for a 70s party a year or so ago, and now Mollie and Gaga have inspired me to try it out all over again. I'm sick of natural make-up...let's all get experimental!





Nahna said...

Nice ♥

Pierrot le Fou said...

i think make up has no finer use than being adorned as a lightening bolt :)

Highdee said...

Agreed! Make up is meant to make a statement.

Faridah said...

Oh Bowie, you work that lightning makeup like no other. Great post! I'm definitely excited for more experimental makeup.

Tea with Edith said...

Also love this inspirational advanced make up. It´s a shame that it takes ages to do though, but it do makes everything more fun.

Rubie said...

oh i love this make-up
i ve a t-shirt with kate moss with this ma-up ;-)



I Heart Fashion 2009 said...

I love the lightning strike...all over Ibiza last summer, statement make up = fabulous

Great blog x


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