25 January 2010

{Platform Love}






A showcase of my recent shoe purchases. I was absolutely over the moon to find the Office purple velvet platforms which I had been lusting after for months, in the sale for meagre ducats. I made a right scene in the shop, screeching 'aren't these the ugliest shoes you've ever seen?! I love them!" loudly across the fitting area, to the absolute horror and bewilderment of both my male friend and the shop assistant.

I fell over thrice that night, but no matter. I blame the absinthe, not the shoes.


M.rolez said...

I will follow you,follow me too ?


Anonymous said...

oh wow! love these high heels! the last boots are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You have excellent taste in shoes!
xx, Spencer

FASH ON said...

I especially love the velvet platforms and topshop booties.



Polished Sense said...

cute tights with those black booties :D


Irene C. said...

Love your shoes! <3 <3
I m following you, wonderful blog!
Irene's Closet


Viktoria said...

last ones killed me. STUNNING.

morbid bear said...

amazing ..

Natalie@CANNEDFASHION said...

Because of this post I just went and bought the last pair of 4s of the black velvet (they didn't have the purple online) - will report back... I'm excited!

sarahbakker said...

Love all of these! Beautiful

Audrey Leighton said...

oh wow. oh yum.
all these shoes are delicious.
i approve of all, ALL.

hope your well. will reply to your facey mesajeee soon love xxx

Lucy said...

wow. those velvet platforms are pretty amazing ("so ugly. I love them", hahah) and I looovvve those last boots - I need a pair just like that. Plus those nikes are wicked, leopard and purple = awesome combination! x

divine bunny said...

adore your new purple wedges WOW

cute site!

lover. said...

love the tights! x

Patty Ann said...

omggg love all those shoes. the first ones are my fav and i like your heart tights!

Patty Ann

Mary Jane said...

those shoes!!! ooh those shoes!!!! im going to cry, seriously! i want them!!!
im soo loving your blog!!! defenatelly following you! :)
follow me back if you want :D

Ashley said...

Those purple velvet platforms are tdf!!!!


Karla said...

love the purple velvetines.
I just raided the entire office website but to no avail :(


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