22 April 2010


I'm back!


A little later than I hoped, but while the ' volcanic ash' hysteria closed some doors, it opened others (namely Paris and Milan, so I can"t complain.)

I hadn't been to Paris since I was all of 8 years old, despite it being a mere deux heures away by Eurostar... quel horreur! I was desperately excited to go to the Louvre for the first time, but LO AND BLOODY BEHOLD... it's closed on tuesdays. I had to reconcile myself with a trip through the Tuleries gardens, which were teeming with the world and his impeccably turned out wife, frolicking in the spring sunshine, and then an attempted innocent look down the Rue St. Honore. I popped into Colette, which I have been reading about for years as the hip-as-hell emporium of french 'it-ness', but it really wasn't as jazzy as I had expected. There current exhibition is called Music Loves You and features prints taken at music festivals by Lenny Kravitz, Beck and Poppy de Villeneuve, among others. The photographs of sweaty, ecstatic crowds and festival goers were selling for up to €800, but to me, they were just party photos, like the ones I take of my friends and sometimes post on this blog. Wish I could sell mine for the same!




Music Loves You photos via SlamXHype


FASH ON said...

Lovely photo's... reminds of being at Coachella again! LOVE LOVE LOVE!



the style crusader said...

so glad to hear that you've made it back. that whole volcanic ash situation was seriously wild. that's pretty cool that you got to go to paris and milan while you waited for it to blow over. love the first shot of you! xx

PrettyDivine said...

the picture of you in front of the eiffel tower is a beaut! :)
i like your blog, especially your about me.
what's your occupation?
PD x

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