27 April 2010




Alas, Alack.
My whirlygig powderpuff mind eludes me.
I need your creative consultation.

Next friday it's my birthday party. I need a theme which encapsulates everything I love about dressing up.
I'm thinking glitter glitter glitter. I'm thinking gypsy queens, feather headresses, pastel hairdos, facial jewellry and belly-dancing skirts. I'm thinking stars and moons and sequins, boys in Ziggy Stardust make-up and Meadham Kirchhoff fantasy brides...

The essences are there, I just need a NAME FOR THIS GAME.

What should be my theme?

Please leave suggestions...the more preposterous the better...


CHiN said...

thanks for the comment , i love this blog. your idea for your birthday party seems really cool, i am obsessed with themed parties. maybe your theme should be disco dancing queens. queens meaning drag queen inspired, which means nothing but glitter, sequins, wigs and the craziest party wear. whatever you decide, have a blast!


Anonymous said...

sounds very bat for lashes gone disco...haha.
so how about:
my bat lightning heart wears glitter!
maybe a smidge too obscure though hehe.


How about The Fruit Seller's Daughter?

Clara said...

amazing pics
you have a great blog!
love it

Fashionista in Training said...

:) just think of something that could go loads of different ways.
drag dress code?
summer dream?
sparkle dust?
glitter ball? (you could even make it into a ball theme-think masks and glitter fabulous outfits)

:) beautiful blog xx

Chloe at Matchesfashion.com said...

Love it! Why not call it after an Evelyn Waugh novel... "Vile Bodies" ? Something suitably aristocratic, debauched and decadent! C x

ferni said...

ohh, this sounds to me like a drag queen carnival ...
you know, the more extravagant, the better it is.
So maybe something that represents kings and [drag] queens... "let them eat cake"
marie antoinette was VERY extravagant.
anyways, great blog!
I hope you have a blast at your party!


inked said...

you have a beautiful blog

JadeRose said...

kate moss, pink hair.

ifwehadthemoney said...

isn't she beautiful.
love your blog.

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