10 January 2011

Tea For Two



I bought these smart fellows in New York in the summer, but I'm saving them for a better start in life when I move to Paris later this year. So back into the box you go, I'm afraid!


polka dot said...

Henri Bendel! I haven't thought about Henri Bendel in YEARS, Imogen, but I can remember that store vividly. Try to imagine a world with no twitter or blogs or shopping online. My princess friends and I lived in the NY suburbs (Long Island) and would take the train into 'the City' (not Liverpool Station) and go to the stores they didn't have at our local shopping mall. Places like 'Bendel's' or a really gorgeous one that closed years ago, called simply Best & Co.

These are gorgeous. When are you moving to Paris? How exciting!

I LOVE what you wrote btw. Thank you.

My brother is a musician and is really talented and gets paid really well - possibly more than anyone else in the industry - but he is anonymous, autonomous, totally unfamous (google Jon Carin - try wikipedia for starts - and you'll get an idea what he does). He told me when he was 15 and playing in Live Aid, that he didn't want to be famous. He had met guys like George Harrison and David Bowie and they were all saying the same thing: hold onto your anonymity as long as you can cause once you lose it you can never get it back. I remember the words he used, way back then: 'Look what it did to Michael Jackson'. He wanted to be someone like Peter Gabriel, who had the freedom to express himself creatively without anyone expecting anything from him. He wanted to come in under the radar.

I'm like you - I can't be famous either, if they started digging into my past I could end up in prison! And deservedly so. xx

Number Nine said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I have a set of two Art Deco cups and saucers and am similarly saving them for the day when they deserve to be used in all their enamelled glory... x


Are you studying in Paris for third year or doing a work placement? David got into Paris too so I can come and visit you both! X

she'll bartend your party said...

eeeeesh, they are so chic! you have to read 'one day' by david nicholls, the main characters go to edinburgh uni! love your blog and insanely jealous you are moving to paris! x

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