8 January 2011



Now I know half the blogging world has already spammed these across the globe, and normally I avoid copycat posting like the plague but I'm so pleased with these I couldn't help sharing them just in case some of my readers won't see them somewhere else. What excited me so much about the spirit of S/S 11 when the collections were shown back in September was that there has been a distinctly different dynamic this year. S/S collections are usually bulked out with a group of recurring trends every year: nautical; crisp, clean lines; safari-suit tones and shirtdresses; florals; pastels...yada yada yada. What I like about the Topshop collection so far is the fruit salad of colours, many, like the rich plums and burgundies, which are usually reserved for winter, and textures as diverse as leather fringing, metallic brocade and studded knitwear being thrown together and looking, certainly bold, but not ridiculous. This sort of collection is also testimony to the rising influence of bloggers and their personal style on mainstream fashion. I look at some of these looks and read the stylistic elements that have been promoted by fashion bloggers; navajo-inspired knits and jewellry, platforms in the style of JC Litas, vintage fringed kimono jackets and dip-dyed hair among others.

I might have to re-think my own dip-dye for S/S if I'm going to go diving into all this orange and yellow like I very much intend to do. Perhaps a nice frosty blue?






via Tobacco&Leather



Let's go shopping for some flares...I always try a pair on and then chicken out at the last minute when it comes to buying them!
When are you back in Leeds lovely? Heard about your suitcase disaster, I hope that all gets sorted out soon, how terrible for you.

Peace and love,


P.S. Am going to have a very belated bday party at some point after exams...help me think of a theme!

aindrea said...

oh. my. god.
this is amazing!
gimme gimme gimme

aindrea from RAGS

ps. would you like to swap links?

the nyanzi report said...

Yes, the decision makers at these fashion retailers are paying alot of attention to personal style bloggers being as their style is uninfluenced so they try to replicate it in their collections.

Well observed.

kate woods said...

I'm in a vulnerable position at this point in time... my wardrobe is noir... It is in dire need of some Imo attention.

Victoria Loraine said...

So excited for this!

V x


Frii said...

COOOL. haha i thinks funny how these remind me of HMs new collection.... :D


Georgia said...

LOOOOVE. topshop is the best!!



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