4 January 2012


What is a Winter's Day? Never lasting more than a couple of hours, it is but the decaying remains of a day. The light never lifting more than a dull haze over a corpse-like landscape, laden with the sodden scar tissue of forgotten summer. At least, such is a winter's day in Edinburgh, Scotland. A Scottish winter is no friend of mine. A Scottish winter is the friend of dead black trees, and rain and wind and ghosts. A Scottish winter demands a wool coat with runs from neck to foot, like this one, by Paul Costelloe. A Scottish winter demands a pair of boots to last out a gale, like these ones by Daniel Footwear. A Scottish winter does not demand last night's vintage cocktail dress and a pair of twisted rabbit ears, but inside by the wood fire, you see, we Scots like to dream...



Assez Blonde said...

love this post, can't believe you braved bare legs in Edinburgh right now! SO COLD.

Rosalind said...

I ditto the comment above - I'm assuming that Scottish weather doesn't lend itself to bare legs either! Your evocative writing really summed up how I've been feeling about the weather recently, especially with the resumed habit of leaving home in the dark for college - and getting back in the dark too. I am always swaddled in several jumpers or a warm coat (am favouring a faux fur one at the moment).
However, you look absolutely beautiful despite the cold. Oh & I loved the round up of outfits in the post below too. Happy 2012.

The Kid said...

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hugh&francis said...

lookin sexy. love the groin grabbing

Fashionistable said...

Ah but isnt it good to dream on a cold winters day. (Indoors!!!) Well done for braving the cold to bring us these wonderful shots. I love the contrast of warm and cocktail. David has been nagging me to do the Jan shows. I might have to wait until Feb though. Xxxx

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