2 July 2010

Love, Music & High-Heeled Trainers


Thanks to the lovely ladies at Sarenza, these absolute beauties came with me to Glastonbury. Not an obvious footwear choice for a festival in terms of practicality, but here they are getting a spin in the early hours of the morning in front of the Pyramid Stage.

These sensational 'trainers' are by Ash from the Continental Fashion Findings range, and can be yours here.

Check out the rest of the Ash collection, abundant with chunky wedge heels and sporting influences, my shoe crushes of the summer. My Ufo trainer boots are my absolute new favourite things right now, and turning heads everywhere ... even my boy friends are jealous!

Vote for me on The Sarenza Blog from this week. Here's to high-heeled trainers!


Tugba said...

I love the heeled trainers :) I have a pair as well but bought them in new look :D They look gorgeous.


Rebecca said...

how good was glasto? :D


Utterly fabulous Ms Roy.


joninel said...

love it :D

Ilse said...

wonderfulllll! and I am jealous of you for going to Glastonbury. definitely want to be there next year! hope you had fun on your heels haha :)

Anonymous said...

Trade lives with me?! ;) You look so amazing!
xo, Spencer

Amanda Corrine said...

I love those shoes but when I was looking at the picture all I could think was "look at all the trash on the ground omg!" maybe I'm just an eco freak but who the heck is going to clean all of it?!

..Lika. said...

♥ cute blog ♥


Claire said...

urh, you look amazing. so jealous you went to glasto. but i've got latitude and leeds sooooooon.


Constance said...

Wow! gorgeous!

.sabo skirt. said...

absolutley amazing

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it !

xx .sabo skirt.


Anonymous said...

Another blogger in the contest posted about voting for her. It was in my feed reader so off I went to check out all the contestants.

I don't know you but I voted and "bookmarked!"

This is a shoe contest: you put the shoe on primary display in good light and kept it visually interesting without too much distraction.

This Canadian's looking forward to checking out your blog again in the future. Hope the contest works out for you.

Magic Minds said...

The shoes certainly are absolute beauties, as of course is the lovely person modelling them! In our magic opinion this is the cleverest photo for finding the hippest possible setting for the shoes, and making them immediately noticeable and striking by wearing the black socks and dress. The lady just has a natural sense of elegance and style.

Amanda, you don't need to worry about the litter. Every year the festival organise a squad of volunteers to constantly go round collecting the litter and rubbish. They earn free entrance to the festival this way. I know a couple of people who do this, and they think it's great fun as well as doing something constructive and helpful to do with the running of the festival. They have plenty time off to watch bands and have fun.

Candycane said...

Great shoes, you look fab!

Sal xXx

Maggie November said...

Love the photo. Looks like you had fun. Great shoes too.

Mardian said...

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