21 July 2010

\\\ TOO GOOD ///



Christine of christeric is just T-O-O . G-O-O-D

See here...

...And here

...for just 2 reasons why.

I now I will also eternally regret not buying one of these bright folk-weave bags in Thailand last year.


Jersey and the Monkey said...

I dont know about the bag, but her jeans are amazing!!!!


Eri said...


You have a great blog, I really enjoyed it.

Please have a look at mine too and if you like it, please feel free to follow it ;-)

Hope to see you soon.

young-shields said...

but how are we to know LAST YEAR?? wah, its always the way. x

the style crusader said...

that bag is so cool. totally agree with you - she is pretty awesome. xx

kirstyb said...

crazy bag! love it x

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