4 October 2010

\\\ LANVIN S/S 11 ///



The Lanvin S/S 11 collection might have sneaked entirely under my radar if it hadn't been for for Look 27 worn by Karlie Kloss. In a parade of muted browns, golds and taupes, there was a bright spot in the middle of collection where suddenly the catwalk was lit up with magentas, chartreuse yellows and orange. Only briefly though, before the taupes returned. Granted, the shapes and volumous layers swimming up and down the runway must have been breathtaking, and there are some very very desirable pieces, brightly hued or not. Maybe it's just the peacock within me, but I can't stop myself being seduced by colour. Maybe it's just that I'm British, and our flaccid summers cause a phenomenon which require us to give our lacklustre surroundings a sunny booster in the form of our sartorial choices. London's spring/summer offering was far more technicolour, so perhaps my theory is close.



The Fashion Spot via Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland


The Refined Savage said...

I liked more of the collection that you, but totally agree...that dress stood out in every way.

Ugnė said...

beautiful colour.

Laura. said...


and I emailed you back???


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