27 October 2010

\\\Le jour d'avant avec Karl Lagerfeld///






Screenshots from Adele's Chronicles

Finally got round to watching one of Loïc Prigent's 'The Day Before' docu-films from the boxset I picked up in Colette over the summer. This one follows the infallible Karl Lagerfeld as he maintains ice-cool and collected in the 48hr run-up to the A/W 2009 Fendi show, flanked by the legendary Amanda Harlech as his style eyes and his "battalions de beauté", male models Baptiste and Sebastien. The demure heroines of the show are revealed to be the band of Roman seamstresses, headed by the adorable Marta, who has worked bringing Lagerfeld's drawings to life for 28years. At 2am the night before the show, the sleep-deprived team have a 'collective nervous breakdown' at the command of Amanda Harlech, by dressing up in the clothes and accessories and taking to the catwalk. Head of Accessories, Paolo, impressively manages to stagger the length of the catwalk and back in the 6-inch platforms that even Anja Rubik stumbled in. English transations from youtube can't be embedded but you can watch some of them HERE, HERE and.... HERE!


Emma said...

Hi there!
Great pictures.. What a lovely blog you have! Lotts of wonderful inspiration, thanks for sharing!
Wanna be followers?

Love from Stockholm..

Lenine said...

Love it!

terka said...

it´s amazing!

The Fashion Buzz said...

Thanks for sharing these really stylish pictures with us- they're great!

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