19 December 2011


I absolutely adore this short video of two of my favourite London fashion figures talking about their place in this enormous industry. Saga Sig is an Icelandic photographer who brings mystical folklore inspirations to her shoots with the most avantgarde London collections. Susie, of course is the fashion blogger who's voice has become one of the most influential. Her infallible professionalism and independent thinking have allowed her to become one of the most respected young style commentators in the world. 
I would describe the direction of this film as tentative - and I think it says a lot about how young people are feeling right now about entering the fashion world. There is a whole lot of nostalgia going on, especially amongst romantics like Susie Lau and Saga Sig, or myself - for whom the increasingly commercial-driven aspect of fashion is seeking to eclipse the fun, frivolity and even the cultural place fashion has in our world. Yet photographers like Saga seek to fight back. Her work is entirely unique, and from the heart. She proves that a commercial-creative balance can be achieved, by pursuing your own aesthetic rather than following a selling trend that someone else came up with. Carine Roitfeld spoke some very wise words in her book Irreverent, about the importance of pure naievty in maintaining the artistic spirit of fashion.


Laura. said...

I love susie too!

Rosalind said...

You wrote perfectly (as per usual - oh my gosh, I need to find something new to say other than "I love your writing"!). I've known about Saga for a while - found her blog and loved it, and was in contact with her for a bit. My favourite shots are often the wilder ones in Iceland. They're immensely imaginative and innovative. And I agree that fashion should ultimately be about creativity - a notion deplored by those with commercial interests. I'd like to think that the two can live long side each other.
Oh, and obviously Susie's blog is brilliant too - I have to properly sit down with a half hour or so to spare so that I can read it properly.

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