4 March 2010


When I first saw the Balmain A/W 2010 collection a minute ago over on KnightCat, I let out a wry smile to myself. Because I was looking at a superglossy, several-thousand-dollar version of my own wardrobe. Not in whole, obviously, I mean we can't all manage to get our hands on a rock&roll purple fur from the local Oxfam, but my own favourite pieces that I have gathered through time and toil were on the Balmain catwalk in glamazon guise. The skintight leathers, 70s sequin dresses, brocade, the fringing, sheer blouses and white man shirts... I even own a near-identical purple velvet brocade jacket from Monsoon that my mum bought in the 80s.

Some may call Balmain brash, and targeted at a Euro-trash, Dubai expat consumer (well, they are the only ones with the dollah to be honest), but take apart the looks and you have some striking, beautifully-made individual pieces...and you don't have to wear the leather trousers!

I personally would wear both of these looks, but then again I'm someone who doesn't believe in the word 'basics' and would happily wear those INCREDIBLE gold sequin trousers on the booze-run to Co-op.




Anastasia and Duck said...

So balmain's not my usual kind of thing but as soon as I saw the gold trousers on vogue.con I wanted/needed them.

As for the bunny ears, I was at the ppq party for an hour or so, what kind of ears did you have? The party was pretty crap I thought in comparison to others they've had, although finally no more sherry cocktails!! :-)


young-shields said...

dollah dollah

balmain does bling. i sort of like it a lot xx


Christophe Decarnin has hit again.
What he's done for Balmain is what Ricardo Tisci did for Givenchy.
Awoken a sleeping giant.
I must say it was the one to watch this season from Paris and of course Victor & Rolf.

Anastasia and Duck said...

Haha like a certain Daniel Lismore wearing old PPQ giftbags...

Vintage Me New You said...

I felt in love, the collection is beyond sexiness:)
Love them all:)
Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Teilweise ziemlich verwirrend!

Bird said...

the first photo the sheer top makes her look like she has saggy skin?? dont u think..

love those gold trousers.. mega

Ruth loves said...

Love the fur, but not into the whole lets-not-wear-a-bra-with-a-seethrough-top shinanigans xxxx

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