22 March 2010

Final Fashion Week Round-Up

Wow, so I have been out of the loop far longer than I expected, apologies. But what a fantastic 11 days it has been so far. Beginning in South Africa, I took the train north through Botswana and Zimbabwe through beautiful bush scenery. After a few days spent at Victoria Falls on the Zambian side, we crossed back over the border into Zimbabwe and have spent the last 5 days on safari. I'm utterly in love with this beautiful country, in particular the stunning lodge I'm currently staying in...pictures will be posted.

In the meantime, a highly irrelevant post, namely the last dregs of the LFW barrel.

All photographs are my own, please credit accordingly


fuschiaaa said...

Never been bought into leather shorts, UNTIL NOW, is that my favourite, Tiffany Hsu??

Elegantly Wasted said...

Great shots, very jealous! X


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