23 March 2010

Shoe SOS

via Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland
Hmm...It sounds ridiculous, but I love these shoes so much, I might actually buy them. I'll think of it as my first investment purchase, heck, I'm nearly 20...why not. (3rd semester Student loan *cough cough*)

The question is, where to find them and how much are they? (I'm dreading the latter part.) I'm appealing to all you fashionistas and fashionistos in the know.

PS. In about half an hour, I'm heading to the airport to fly to Johannesburg. I'm travelling round Africa for a month, but I'll try and get on here as much as I can and hopefully post some travel photos. So these shoes shouldn't really be relevant right now, but, me being me, they are.

22 March 2010


So... Sadly I never got my fur-hooded parka, but I did find this rather snazzy number in H&M... perfect for safari, and later on, this summer's festivals. The perfect hybrid between a Barbour jacket (a tad over-exposed now I feel) and grunge-y parka. Also couldn't resist this Miu Miu -esque jumper. The embroidery is truly sensational for such a low price, I just pray it doesn't all go to hell in the wash.

I have been debuting both on safari...who says khaki can't be chic?

Final Fashion Week Round-Up

Wow, so I have been out of the loop far longer than I expected, apologies. But what a fantastic 11 days it has been so far. Beginning in South Africa, I took the train north through Botswana and Zimbabwe through beautiful bush scenery. After a few days spent at Victoria Falls on the Zambian side, we crossed back over the border into Zimbabwe and have spent the last 5 days on safari. I'm utterly in love with this beautiful country, in particular the stunning lodge I'm currently staying in...pictures will be posted.

In the meantime, a highly irrelevant post, namely the last dregs of the LFW barrel.

All photographs are my own, please credit accordingly


Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise

Run in the shadows
Damn your love, damn your lies

And if you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain
And if you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain

We all want to have our Stevie Nicks moment.

I came home from uni last weekend to do 'work', and ended up playing dress-up in the sunshine in some of my great-granny's old clothes that my mum had rescued from the jumble sale box. Some of her lace blouses from the 60s have made it into my wardrobe, and come summer they'll be up on here too. My Granny made this dress for my mum back in 1970-something, and it hasn't seen the light of day since... I thought I'd give it an airing.

20 March 2010


I really regret having not nabbed that River Island parka in the sale oh so many moons ago, especially when I see shots like this...grrrrr.

The Cobrasnake


A friend of mine informed me that I was on the ASOS homepage the other day, and I completely forgot about it until now... and lo and behold, there I am in miniature on the main page, as one of four street stylistas from London. I have to admit, I find it hilarious. Not only am have I been put in the same league as some serious style legends (Leigh Lezark included), this shot was taken at 5pm outside the Henry Holland show on Day 2 of LFW and I hadn't yet been to bed from the night before. Clearly my sartorial judgement wasn't as hazy as I imagined!


I've wanted to do the sheer blouse/sexy bra thing for ages but I'll never have the confidence to pull it off like this Parisian laydee...
Also, at LFW, top-knots were de rigeur... I suspect it all had someting to do with all the early rises.

Definitely saw similar shots of this outfit earlier this week...possibly in Grazia...and I honed in on the long skirt/cropped jacket/awesome fur straight away. I already have my eyes peeled for the 1st sighting of a floor-length jersey skirt on the high street...I'll be there in a flash.

14 March 2010



The bag is his own design, talk about arm candy!

Lordy, I miss London.
Bring on summer, and I'll be house-hopping from Watford to Wimbledon, Brixton to Bethnal Green.

12 March 2010


...For no other reason than that I have extreme fashion week withdrawal, and want to be back in an environment where I can wear sunglasses like these at night, and no one blinks an eyelid.

More incriminating evidence from Molton House...

9 March 2010


Anthony Vaccarello A/W 10

It's the first time the fledgling Paris designer has come under my radar, but I'm already coveting one of his geometrically-constructed crop tops. Perfect with a high waisted tube skirt and my new hot-pink silk blazer.

That's bondaaaage by the way, my dear.

via Style Bubble

8 March 2010





Thanks to Emma of Fashion Wonderland, I now have my first blog award.

The recipient must list ten things that make them happy, and then pass the award onto ten other award-worthy blogs. Here goes...

1. Sparkly things
2. Dancing for 7 hours straight in ludicrous shoes
3. Stepping off the train at King's Cross
4. Galaxy cookie crumble bars
5. Finally finding the time to sit down and read my monthly stack of magazines
6. Fat, furry, pointless animals
7. A good cup of Earl grey
8. A tasty smelling boy
9. The long and chaotic afterparty of room-hopping and giggling reflection after a good night out
9. Finding a kindred spirit in a book
10. Playing dress-up

...and my top ten award-winning blogs of now...

Chanel at Somerset House


4 March 2010


When I first saw the Balmain A/W 2010 collection a minute ago over on KnightCat, I let out a wry smile to myself. Because I was looking at a superglossy, several-thousand-dollar version of my own wardrobe. Not in whole, obviously, I mean we can't all manage to get our hands on a rock&roll purple fur from the local Oxfam, but my own favourite pieces that I have gathered through time and toil were on the Balmain catwalk in glamazon guise. The skintight leathers, 70s sequin dresses, brocade, the fringing, sheer blouses and white man shirts... I even own a near-identical purple velvet brocade jacket from Monsoon that my mum bought in the 80s.

Some may call Balmain brash, and targeted at a Euro-trash, Dubai expat consumer (well, they are the only ones with the dollah to be honest), but take apart the looks and you have some striking, beautifully-made individual pieces...and you don't have to wear the leather trousers!

I personally would wear both of these looks, but then again I'm someone who doesn't believe in the word 'basics' and would happily wear those INCREDIBLE gold sequin trousers on the booze-run to Co-op.



Girl in the Fire

I snapped this absolute vision heading in to the Christopher Kane show. Everything about her is so sumptious, as if someone turned up the saturation dial on photoshop to full. She must be an achingly-haute-hip fashion editor or stylist, but me being the fuzzhead I am, I have no idea. Heads up if you can put a name to the gorgeous face!

Edit: The fiery one is Pandora Lennard, assistant fashion editor (told you) at Tank magazine.



3 March 2010

Christopher Raeburn at Somerset House

Christopher Raeburn installation at The Exhibition, Somerset House, made from his latest menswear collection.

Somerset House is such a beautiful space, it's a wonder they didn't have more works like this on display.

Sometimes, it's good to look up.







As Paris Fashion Week begins, I wonder, does anyone know what is to become of Alexander McQueen's last, unfinished collection?
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