27 September 2009

Booted Not Suited

My toes used to reside exclusively in ballet pumps or knee high flat leather boots. Doc martens were popular with 'alternative' music types ie. outdated, or young children for their 'sturdy' tear-proof, water-proof qualities. So why on earth do i suddenly find myself lusting after a pair of hobnailed desert boots and retro Nike high-top trainers? But for once, unlike bulky shoulder pads which, as a returning trend, are entirely unexplainable, or harem pants, which I wore round India for no other reason but modesty and called my 'saggy nappies', these shoe styles are amazingly practical. They are the cool clubber's footwear of choice, a wipe-clean, dance-all-night shoe that simply sweeps all those Topshop Boutique platforms completely off the board.






The CobrasnakePhotobucket

PS: I couldn't go without mentioning the insane Ava 'Burberry-esque' topshop boots, utterly a la Grace


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

I just love those Topshop boots, they are utterly amazing. I was considering buying them and then my boss walked in wearing them so I can't get them anymore...so sad! Love your blog by the way, particularly your name picture.


coco said...

I adore those boots!!!

10ThMuse said...

Cool post, especially Sophie <3 <3 <3

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