22 September 2009

In Absentia

First off, apologies for the sudden post drought, Eight London has become Eight Leeds this week as I have upheaved to university in the fair yorkshire town. Forgive the sporadic posting until the freshers frolicking is over.

I have been trying to keep abreast of the fashion week news however, and I was pleased to Kate looking substatially more ladylike at Philip Green's Topshop Unique party after the GQ awards spectacle.



In other fashion news, I've seen a lot of coverage of the teen-punk-wannabe-bad superdrug-dye job-meets-macbeth's witches hair at Proenza Schouler's S/S show, and I instantly identified it with what my own hair went through celebrating the Holi festival of spring in India earlier this year in March. I'm just not sure what Lazaro and Jack would think of my harem pants.


Macbeth babes at Proenza Schouler



Celebrating Holi at the Pearl Palace, Jaipur, 11th March 09


Claire said...

i was in nepal for holi last year - most epic day of my life. you look amazing. <3 C

namika-ro said...

oh wow are you a Leeds Met or Leeds uni fresher?

Audrey Leighton said...

you are very pretty.
even, yes with green hair!
love it!
damn missy, i wish you were in london. we could meet and do crazy lfw things. ;)

little shadow said...

You are gorgeous, I love how natural you look.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

that spray hair color would be fun for a night out ;)

Rollergirl said...

Oh! Holi is the funnest thing ever!

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