3 May 2010

Mercié Mercié



My Marie Mercié ponyskin (sorry!) headband was an early birthday present and my new favourite
thing in the whole world. Perfect with candy pink lips.
Headpieces are so underrated these days, especially considering that not so long ago, it was absolutely
scandalous to be sen in public without one. I stumbled across this jazzy gem in Milan, in an INCREDIBLE
boutique on Via della Spiga called Alan Journo. If you ever find yourself in Milan, this shop is a must-see,
for the spectacle alone. There were a couple of Lady Gaga-esque headbands with half-naked Ken and Barbie
dolls frolicking on top... a veritable installation to balance on your head I must say...I tried!

My absolute favourite was a Stephen Jones couture screenprint headband, but unfortunately at *%$*?!! Euros,
it wasn't such a snip. Sigh...I long/dream for the day when I have my own personal milliner to be-hat me with
all sorts of insanity à la Isabella Blow (LEGEND.)


young-shields said...

ah spotted this on ya facebook, literally so cool! x

Lori said...

that headband looks amazing! and love your lipstick


You do love a head piece don't you.
You look great in them. It's always cool to roc your style when you've found 'it'
Looks incredible.

lover. said...

insane headband. LOVE it.

F Blog said...

that is amazingggg. and love your lip colour!

FASH ON said...

You look absolutely stunning! I love leopard and pink together so young and alive!



Mumbles said...

that headband is so nice
maybe a bit big for me, but it's great anyway
and your lipstick looks awesome

marley mumbles

WildFlower said...

Hey dollface, you look amazing here. That bow is the beez kneez I have to say. I adore hats/headwear, couldn't live without them! RIP Isabella Blow x

frances said...

Happy 8th birthday, you look beauuuut x

Sarah said...

this is so awesome! loving the pink lippy too! xx

Anonymous said...

you're to fabulous for your own good my dear!
xoxo, Spencer

Elisa said...

YES. Rad.

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