10 May 2010


On Friday (Saturday and a bit of Sunday) it was my 20th birthday. Birthdays are those occasions which you either allow to pass you completely by with a shrug, or choose to embrace at the last minute; rustling up some party for 50 of your nearest and dearest, rushing out and rashly blowing £80 on champagne and lollipops and spraying your hair lilac. I chose to do the latter.

The official theme was glitter wonderland, but I decided I looked more like a post-modern Marie Antoinette, except my palace was more of the Moroccan pleasure variety than Versailles.

In my books, twenty years of life deserves twenty nonsensical hours of celebration (and then some.) Kate Moss eat your heart out...




Now it's monday morning, I have a french grammar exam in a week, my bedroom looks like judgement day has been and gone, and I'm left with nothing but a pile of Swizzels lovehearts, hazy memories and at least 50 photographs of me with my knickers on show.


Natalie Hughes said...

Happy belated birthday! You look amazing!

Also, OMG you HAVE to start playing bass again and join my band!



Happy BD sunshine!
Welcome to the 'DARK SIDE' where you'll look behind in five years time and wonder where it all went ( hair in my case. 'Mr. Baldini' they call me now and 'im not yet even 30 yet!)

Carol said...

Happy birthday!!

lover. said...

We're having a glitter themed birthday for my friend tomorrow night, this has strangely made me more excited.

CHiN said...

great pics , love the bday theme! hope you had a great birthday!

<3 http://cakesandlace.blogspot.com

Panda said...

You're so good at photography!
Just found you, and i really really love your blog.
Panda xxx

FASH ON said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! You look absolutely stunning and I love what you did with you hair and make-up!



the style crusader said...

oh look like so much fun! happy (belated) birthday! hope you've managed to recover. xx

joyce. said...

Hapy belated, I've always shrugged my birthday off, but your birthday party seems to be the bomb.com aha, cheesiness.

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