26 October 2011



I always thought it was a pointless exercise for a blog post since everyone has more or less the same things in their bag, give or take a few exceptions based on unusual career choice or mental stability - a handgun, for instance, or some birdseed, or your dead grandmother's teeth ..."they bring me back so many good memories..."
But then Peony did a bag post and it looked so orderly and inviting, I just had to copy. I really wanted to stick a tiny pistol in mine just to fuel some 'dangerous blogger' rumours but I was found wanting. 
Clockwise from top : Vitamin C pills. Heaven knows if these actually do you any good, but here in France they are so cheap, it's more cost effective than to buy an actual piece of fruit, so they stand me stead for now // Pill box : Pain is not cute, but this box is. // Blackberry Curve phone // USB Memory stick shaped like a gold bar, I think my bank gave me this with my student account, as some sort of ironic financial joke. // Cologne : I can't stand sickly feminine perfumes, preferring Hermes' Eau d'orange vert or Dior's Eau Savage, but my new favourite is this English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone.// Lip balm by Palmer's - it tastes like After Eights. //Assorted notebooks: I go through these like water, so I tend to hoard as many free ones as possible. If I wrote exclusively in Moleskines, I'd probably not be able to afford to eat. // Assorted jewellry: Having piled it on in the morning, by mid-afternoon I usually get into a fit of excessive metalwear and start tearing it all off - into the bag it goes. Earrings from my Edie Sedgwick phase, gold and turquoise bracelet from Gogo Philip. // YSL Lipstick No. 140 - the perfect shade of burgundy. // Aspinalls of London Union Jack wallet. An ex-boyfriend of mine gave this to me for Christmas, after we had broken up. Proof that he is still do this day, the best ex-boyfriend on earth. // Rayban sunglasses I can't believe are not broken, even after having been sat on by a fat twerp at Glastonbury. // Disposable camera - always. And no more charming feeling than that experienced when rifling through 36 random photos you don't remember taking  // Purple faux-ostrich filofax diary, 'because nothing has ever really happened, until it has been recorded."* // and finally ... KEYS! Very important. I have been locked out enough times to have learned that lesson, at least.

Not pictured : 
Pens without lids, lids without pens, and stains made by said pens
A plethora of dog-eared receipts from sad, bi-weekly shopping trips to Carrefour city, usually coming to around €12.
Misc. sweetwrappers and the skeletons of things I ate or forgot to eat (including the occasional squashed and browned banana .
Degraded business cards once belonging to men who confidently presented them to me at nightclubs or parties, and for that very reason they have been condemned to die a death at the bottom of my bag alongside browned bananas.
A winebottle opener I may have borrowed from a hotel bar.
Pointless lists like this one.


Kit said...

LOL love this post, your gold bar usb stick caught my eye, I want one!!!

Laura. said...

I like posts like this - guess coz im nosey.

Jersey and the Monkey said...

I LOVE posts like this!


Anonymous said...

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Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Probably the most hilarious "What's in your bag?" post ever

Polly said...

I love these posts... but I'm extremely nosy...

Rianna Bethany said...

friggin hell, forget whats in it, the fringed bag itself is totally gorgeous!

Rianna xxx

Anonymous said...

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