16 August 2010

On The Long Island Railroad









Dress is an old favourite picked up in NYC three summers ago.
Please note that what appears to be a pair of waist-high sludge-green knickers is actually a rather pricey BCBG Max Azria swimsuit. At the time of purchase I was very tanned and it matched my coral lipstick.

During our stay in New York, my family and I had booked tickets to see Sting perform with the London Royal Philharmonic at somewhere called 'Jones Beach Theater' on Long Island. So we travelled on the L.I.R.R. (Long Island Rail Road), immortalised for me and my brother in The Great Gatsby of course, watching skyscrapers morph into low concrete garages, parking lots and eventually, spacious wetland.

Upon arriving at the theatre, realising we were hours early, and the whole venue being deserted, there was nothing to do but grin, bear it, and do handstands for the next three hours...

P.S. Now I know some Americans get a bit funny about using the old naughty 'toilet' word, but 'Comfort Stations?' I found that beyond bizarre!


Beautiful Things said...

love the photos, hope you had a fun trip! x

Siubhan said...

Great pictures. Love the sign – not sure there could be more grammar issues crammed into four words than there are there! The sea looks fantastic.

Jessica said...

Cute pictures! Oh The Great Gatsby... I'd love to reread that book, it's been so long since high school it seems.

the style crusader said...

beautiful photos! you go on the best looking holidays! sting sounds like it must have been amazing - he is incredible. p.s. yes i agree, comfort station is definitely taking it a wee bit too far. (no pun intended)

LA said...

Great shots!!!
Have fun!!


Amanda Corrine said...

Cartwheels on the beach! yay haha :)

Magic Minds said...

Comfort Station? That's where one catches the comfort train from, isn't it...?


Great pictures,the beach look nice too ;)

London said...

Really nice pictures and captions. I love this blog!

polka dot said...

It's wild to see you use know the Great Gatsby - it's our favourite book (my husband's English). I'm having such fun going thru your posts now - they're wonderful. I grew up on Long Island, and before we got married & moved here, we moved out of the city and lived where I grew up - in an area directly north of Jones Beach, on the more foresty, north shore - basically, the area of East and West Egg.

We spent a lot of our childhood on Jones' Beach - there's a residents private part called Tobay. I'm well familiar with Comfort Stations! ; )

But what's even wilder is, my own brother has been performing there in recent years, (he's keyboard player/producer/singer for Pink Floyd since he was 15 - basically, both halves of the split). But he's played with Sting, etc etc at all those big shows, Live Aid, Live 8.. and when I was a teenager the big thing was to take the LIRR into 'the city'.

All these shots are fabulous especially the last one. To think that could have been the same time we were further out, at the end of Long Island. Next time let's co-ordinate plans, we could have had your family out to the beach/pool there!

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