28 February 2011



 Pictured with the charming Candice Lake by on Park&Cube




'When I am old I shall wear purple' goes a rhyme my Granny has shared with me on several occasions. 'When I am hungover I shall wear purple' was more the rhyme that inspired this outfit, or the fact that what with the grey rainy sky and the grey setting of Somerset House I thought I'd do everyone a favour and blind them with my outfit. Does it work for you?


Lucia said...

i absoluuuutely love this coat. xx

Deep said...

That was the best look of the day I saw!
Great Blog

Kit said...

Such gorgeous colours to combine with.

Anonymous said...

love it. where is the lipstick from and which shade? also, would you consider getting a fringe? think it would suit you

Audrey Leighton said...

loveee this. all the colour! xxxx

Miss Daisy Chain said...

this coat is gorgeous, love the way it clashes with the red skirt and the pink in your hair!xxx

Jazzabelle said...

i've seen you on various blogs in this outfit and i have to say that it's one of my favourites i seen from all of the lfw street style! i adore your hair, i love how it clashes with your skirt and jacket. xx

Lucy said...

I love purple - yay for purple! Great colour :)
I kept seeing you at Fashion Week with Kit and the gang, should have introduced myself really!
Hello, Im Lucy :)
Wasnt John Rocha amazing? the hair, oh the hair!

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