6 March 2011



I have become a guest at Frassy HQ in Paris over the next week, and there is a lot of spontaneous overflowing of fashion going on (which basically translates as me borrowing a lot  of Audrey's clothes). We are wearing all vintage, apart from the beloved, bashed-up designer bags.
Yesterday in Paris was beautiful, one of those perfectly crisp, sunny days which hint that spring may be just round the corner. The city was full of music; we were serenaded with opera singing on the metro, later two trumpet players were playing a duet whilst walking on opposite sides of Rue St.Honoré and then we found ourselves in the midst of a choir flashmmob at an intersection. All these voices rising up from the busy street in harmony - spontaneous overflow of song, it seems, too. 
I have my eyes and ears wide open, drinking it all in. I'm moving here in late summer, and I feel at home already.





All photos by Maria Mcmenemy. This fabulous girl is an incredibly talented future voice in photography and film, you'll see her handiwork in the recent Frassy videos and on her blog:


Anonymous said...

where did you get your Chanel from? Is it vintage? If so how much? gorgeous photos xxx

classiq said...

The dress is simply lovely! I love the vibrant orange and the texture.

ashton said...

your outfits are both lovely! followed. x

salut! sophie said...

I'm absolutely loving this outfit. The tangerine colour is so bold and fresh amdst the muted winter palette, it's making me look forward to spring almost as much as the miserable weather here in Leeds.

The dress paired with the worn jodhpur boots is amazing, it sounds so wrong on paper but looks so right!

TheStrawberryFields said...

Gorgeous colours here and i am now following you your pictures are great and i love Frassy so i found you through her x

Jessica said...

you both have almost pretty same outfit.
i love how you rock tangerine and at the same time rock litas on audrey's blog.
love you both.


Zoe said...

Nice blog! I love the dress, beautiful!x

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