9 August 2009

Attends Moi

I can't wait for the Vogue Paris September issue to be out, and am looking forward to the usual fantastic-ironic, electrically inspiring editorials like these. Carine and Emmanuelle really are the masters of the editorial. If the rumours are true, i think it would do a whole lot of good for American Vogue if Mlle Roitfeld even set a spike-heeled Balenciaga foot inside the building, let alone took up editing there. However she herself has revealed disinterest in the idea; "to be honest, if they approached me, I think it's really not me. I'm good at what I do here and I'm not sure if you put me in that world I would be as good. I think it's much easier to talk to 100,000 women (in France) than millions of women across America." (The Guardian, May) Phew. Because what would become of the french counterpart without her??

P.S. I absolutely adored August issue's take on the A/W collections. Possibly one of the most frustrating shoots of the year for the inspired minds of the creative directors, as they have no freedom to style , just to present. While other top magazines shoot the looks straight from off the catwalks several months earlier, Emmanuele Alt, Joe McKenna and Carine Roitfeld blessed each designer's starring creation with the trademark Paris cutting-edge chic.

Oh to intern at the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré offices would be a life-long honour. That's definitely in the top on my bucketlist!

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