11 August 2009

Save the Day

Layout for The Face, 1990

Today's press release saw Corinne Day's heartwrenching condition spread in intimate detail across the internet, as the sale of her limited-edition Kate Moss prints was announced. Following the unprecedented success of the first image, an unreleased print of a young topless Kate for £100, Corinne has decided to continue the idea, releasing one new print for sale every month.

Corinne Day has her name to some of the most iconic images in modern fashion, and her prints of Kate taken in the nineties and early noughties are pieces of cultural history in the making. Do support this worthy cause, and if like me, you can't afford to buy a print, then at least join in this celebration of her incredible work.

The first £100 print

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1 comment:

{ A L I C E } said...

Thank you, your blog is wonderful too (anyone who posts vintage Moss is my kinda person) and fingers crossed you get to work during the shows! xx

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