17 August 2009

East is East

I'm currently living in big, bad East London, a stone's throw from Brick Lane and Whoreditch, and it's blooming fabulous, especially this time of
year. There's nothing quite like spending a sunny Sunday down the 'Lane when the world, his wife and leather-clad offspring hit the streets to flog their fashion mistakes on the pavement, buy a stolen bike, jam with an 83-year old rastafarian or simply hang around, looking cool and hoping to be polaroided (I swear I saw that Elly La Roux girl on the pavement yesterday.) And it's probably the only place in the world where you can get top grade Hendrix vinyl for £2.

You might stumble across an 70s purple velvet sofa, a 7-foot man in a fox fur coat and gold leggings, or a Hackett sample sale. Highlights include the Sunday Upmarket, RankinLive exhibition (until the 18th September), the Root Master juice bar, where you're served out the window of an ancient double decker bus, and Vibe bar with its rowdy beer garden, barbeques and vinyl market (below)

See you Sunday

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