30 August 2009

Emotional Baggage

Excuse the lack of posting over the weekend, but I have been busy wrestling with black tights (imagine Anaconda in an east London bedroom) and a library of Vogue Paris back issues as i prepare to move home, gasp, back to the north. I will miss London, but will be back in no time I'm sure, and it's for the best, as my fragile credit history is beginning to suffer.
This is what packing looked like when I spent the same amount of time in New York two summers ago, when the dollar was high as a kite and us Brits thought the sales at Forever 21 would never end. I can assure you, somehow, impossibly, that yesterday, the suitcase situation was much grimmer than this. In two hours time I will emerge in Edinburgh wearing all the items I didn’t have space to pack, including a leopard coat and men’s riding boots. Luckily, I’ll coincide with the last dregs of the festival, so most of the soggy tourists won’t blink an eye.


And here are some more pictures from my 2007 NYC trip that I never had a chance to share before.






...including some rather dodgy Edie-inspired photobooth action aged 16;
back in the day when I had a mouth full of metal, my pout was well-practiced!


LolitaLoves said...

awesome pics, you look gorge haven't changed a bit x

Sarah said...

ha! what the hell is that trout pout? the top one is priceless - man in drag, not elegant edie.

Marc George said...

Best summer ever!, glad I was able to share it with you and Lauren! I love your blog btw..literally lovvee it :) ttyl.
Marc Anthony George

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