15 August 2009

High Society

The Paramount Club, designed by Tom Dixon

Unlike New York, where sky-high views are taken for granted, London is a different kettle of fish, so when my super-connected friend W took me to the Paramount Club on the 31st floor of the Centre Point building for sundowners, I was absolutely mesmerised. Unless you're in a helicopter, your average Londoner is unlikely to ever see such a spectacular aerial view of our beautiful, but very low-level city.Privileged doesn't even come close, as unfortunately, your average Londoner is still unlikely to see said spectactular view as Paramount is a very snazzy members only affair. But if you ever do blag your way in, I recommend the Paris 75s.

Photo: thecollectx

1 comment:

W K-K said...

What a lovely evening!

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