22 August 2011


Shortly after I commented here on how my penchant for bright colours, extravagantly-placed furs and hats will always prevent me from from successfully becoming une fille chic parisienne, I came across this editorial from Vogue Russia's August issue.  Katie Shillingford proudly flies the flag for British eccentricity, and I took it as providence that I should never forsake my true style for the sake of fitting in. Isabel Marant, The Kooples, Agnès B ... you're all very chic and very lovely, but give me an electric purple fur and orange mohair over a black silk vest anyday. 


polka dot said...

Hooray for British eccentricity. Even tho I'm not (British), or French for that matter. I was thinking of you - and then by chance, accidentally clicked on that folder of you @ LFW in neon (I might just do a post on it!) and was thinking that if you're not going to LFW - and a few other friends aren't - I'm thinking I'd rather swim off an island off Italy's coast. It's good to take a break from habits - and fashion week's becoming a habit.

I love these looks. The whole time I was on holiday - on Long Island/Hampton beaches, even briefly in NYC - I was thinking that apart from a few always stylish friends, the general style just doesn't match up to good old British eccentricity.

My favourite of these shots is the blue fur/leopard hat one, and of course, purple and orange. They stole it from you: Feb 2011 London Fashion Week. I have proof! xxx

3ate4 said...

Loving all the colours in these.

the nyanzi report said...

never forsaking one's true style for the sake of fitting in.

I concur.

Vani said...

You have a great style!
Why did you want to change it?!?! I love British eccentricity.


Lidiya said...

I love all of these bright colours and patterns, they look so edgy and fierce! =)

Anonymous said...

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