29 September 2010

LFW S/S 11 Menswear Roundup

Boys, The future's bright, the future's orange



Christopher Shannon catwalk shots from GQ style, all other photos my own

I enjoyed a full-on menswear day, flitting from show to show in my flats (it was day 6, come on) like a sprite,
with Michael in tow. I think in hindsight, it was actually my most exciting day of the entire week, and there was a very different atmosphere around Somerset House. Gone were the hoardes of amateur paparazzi and general liggers, instead the cobbles were polished by the clip-clop not of Acne wedges but of Church's polished brogues. Colour was all the rage throughout the women's collections, and the boys didn't miss out on that lead. Flashes of orange and pink against khaki greens and grey caught my eye at Lou Dalton and at Topman, inspired by nomadic lifestyles and British mod culture respectively. I'm determined to get my hands on one of those Topman knits for myself. Christopher Shannon's urban sportswear was not without ceremony either, with beautiful subtle lavender touches and flashes of bright yellow popping up against the sea of pale cloudy greys. James Long and J.W Anderson (hail! hail!) both had me on the floor of the BFC Showspace, craning to get a decent shot with the wrong lens whilst simultaneously wobbling over with excitement. (More on those collections later when I track down someone else's photographs which actually do the clothes justice.


The Nyanzi Report said...

I love the arrangement here. Damn! I missed the topman show: arrived as people were leaving. Ha! Looking at these pictures, I'm getting a Norwegean influence from the knitwear at topman.

polka dot said...

I feel the same way: the last/boys' day - each of the 3 times I've gone so far - is a mixture of sadness (I hate things ending - that end of school/end of summer feeling) and I always have one classic 'fashion bitchy' moment which is in hindsight hilarious - but also every single time I've had some really magic moments on boys' day.

It really is a different thing: more real.

talking of sprites... I am going thru your photos now, you are positively gravity defying, Imogen! It's really hard for me to edit this down to one post. You'll see ; ) xxx

ARA said...

need to take my bf for a shopping spree hahah.xx


Adorngirl said...

I have loved your LFW coverage!next season I am going to make sure to apply for more menswear shows, from what I have seen the last day doesn't get as much love, even though the collections are so good.

the atmosphere is also a lot more chilled, and I enjoyed the day a lot more than I thought I would.

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